Best Voice Changer for Discord & Steam and Twitch

Voice Changer for Discord: For an aggressive gamer, discord would definitely not be a new term. The call and text services provided by the discord while playing the game would increase the vigorously of the gamer and his/her competitor or co-player. Thus gamers would have this application for sure.

But some would not prefer to make voice calls with their own voice. Some don’t feel it secured to make calls with their own voice. But the main reason for using this voice changer is for making fun or trolling their friends. Whatever may be the reason for making a voice call with a friend in a strange voice would always be fun.

Best Free Voice Changer for Discord PC & Mac

1. Voicemod | Voice Changer for Discord

Voicemod is a pretty user-friendly app which makes the availability of comparatively more number of voices. Voicemod also makes the great sound quality to make it sound more real. Voicemod could be used in all the voice chat enabling apps such as pubg, Skype, mumble, fortnite, league of legends, etc.,  This enables the user to make more pranks on friends without charging any cost.

2. AV voice changer | Good Voice Changer for Discord

AV voice changer software allows the user to edit or morph the audio waveform which could be recorded, cut and mixed to bring out the modification in the voice. This has a compatible capacity even with other apps such as Skype, VoIP, and other role-playing games. But it this could not be used for free by a user. The user has to pay and purchase AV voice changer software in order to make use of it. Basis, gold, and diamond are the three different versions available which would differ in features based on the cost and requirement.

3. Clownfish Voice Changer for Discord

As Clownfish voice changer seems to be comparatively easier to use, this proves to be unique from other voice changer apps. This app could be used to change the voice, not in discord but also all other applications which use the microphone of the device such as hangouts, Skype, vibes, steam, etc., This app has comparatively more customizability and could also be downloaded for free.

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4. MorphVoxJr | Female Voice Changer for Discord

MorphVoxJr is particularly known for its high-quality output. This app could be enabled in Windows as well as in mac os. Using the in-built features one could change his/her original voice to sound exactly like a man, woman, child, robot and other customized voices. The voice of the user would be well analyzed and the optimal changes would be performed to give the output voice as normal as of the user.

MorphVoxJr is free of cost where the user could use it without paying any cost for it. The only thing in this app is the ads. MorphVoxJr is absolutely supported by ads. This could absolutely serve the best in doing pranks with your friends on Skype or VoIP.

5. Voxal voice changer For Discord

Voxal voice changer could not only provide effects to the real-time voices but could also edit the already recorded voices. It has more bulk of features for changing the voice. The real-time voices the discord would be delivered without any delay to keep up the sync. A robot, boy, girl, child, alien, and many other effects could be used in the Voxal voice changer. This could also be used in all other voice chat service programs in the device. It is more user-friendly which enables even the beginner to use it effectively.

6. Mumble Voice Changer for Discord

The communication is accurate without any delay when Mumble Voice Changer is used even in vigorous and fast action games. Positional audio could also be created based on the position of the player in the game field. This feature is enabled in particular games such as Guild Wars 2 and Source engine games. Mumble is supported on Windows, Mac and even on Linux. The initial setup process is not so easy. The server would always pop up an error when you try to connect with your friends. Once the user gets fixed with the errors and familiarises, the interface of mumble would seem easier to work on.

7. Team Speak

The team speaks has a user-friendly interface which even makes a beginner to use it easily. This has an eventually more compatible and powerful system and based on the power level it enables various users to control different areas of the server. The group could be managed easily using Team Speak. It could be hosted by self or even the user could also pay for hosting in Team Speak. 32 members at once are the maximum capability of a self-hosted Team speaks. If the user possesses a non-commercial non-profit license then the capability could be still extended to 512 members at once.

Voice changer apps could be used to troll and make fun with your friends like a boss. Gaming with your close ones without revealing your identity is quite interesting. The co-player or the competitor could be trolled to the maximum by making yourself sound more funnier. Never fail to have such a great time with your friends and to create funnier memories. Make use of these apps and we are sure that you people would literally fall in love with these.

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