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MyHTspace: A big hey, to you, yeah to the readers out there. myHTspace is our recent item in most of our search space online. Here we are to provide a complete guide on what this myHTsapce is all about and its benefits to you. This guide includes means and methods to sort out the issues faced in the portal as well. So here we go,

 What is myHTspace

 In simple terms, the myHTspace is an online website portal designed especially for the employees of Harris Teeter by the organization to gather company information and update under a single platform. To get access, the employee needs to register and log in to their personal account of myHTspace. This online portal is created for the convenience of the employees to communicate and function more freely. Through this online portal, the employees prevail the benefits of competitive pay, quality work or life balance, quality health, financial benefits.

What is Harris Teeter ?

An American based Multinational Company having more than 250 branches in Seven South Atlantic states, serving as a supermarket chain is HARRIS TEETER wholly-owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co. It acts as a wide distributor of dairy, grocery, bakery, pharmacy, frozen foods, provisions, etc., the headquarters of Harris Teeter is at Matthews, North Caroline and around 30 thousand employees work there. Willis Teeter and W.T. Harris are the founders of this organization. They also have 14 fuel stores throughout seven states in the United States and it also has a game distribution center in North Carolina Centers. And as a total, there are 30 thousand employees on average work in this organization.

The company provides all sorts of discounts and bonus points to their customers, where the credentials are fed in their card and using that customer card, they can make purchases and avail discounts accordingly.

myHTspace – Registration Process

 Initially, to log in to the myHTspace, you need to register. The registration process is not that complicated or time-consuming, you can complete the process in two simple steps. Here as follows,

  1. Open to the web page portal in the web browser.
  2. Before that, you should check if the browser meets the requirements. To check in the requirements, they are listed down in the next session.


  • Click on the Register button on the screen, once the web page opens on
  • You will be directed to the home page after you click on the register button, there you will have to fill in the boxes with the details.
  • The details include Company key, date of birth, social security number, first name, last name, PIN code, mobile number, postal address and so on.
  • If you don’t have your company key, you can get it by contacting your benefits administrator.
  • The registration process completes only when you fill in all the fields properly.
  • Once the registration is done, the User ID and Password will be generated for your personal myHTspace login
  • To check, log in to your personal myHTspace and see to the employee benefits provided by Harris Teeter.
  • Using the login portal, you get access to use the services of WFM Harris Teeter, Harris Teeter workforce, Paystub, myHTspace work schedule and so on.

myHTspace Login Process

Let’s look into the Login process of myHTspce followed but the login requirements, benefits of login process and what a login page is. To start with the LOGIN guide, this benefit is offered only to employees of Harris Teeter who care for customers are provided with an additional facility like health care, financial support, etc. To check with the beneficiaries, one needs to login to myHTspace. The steps to log in as follows,

  1. To open the login page, visit
  2. Wait until the page loads, the login section appears on the center.
  3. Enter the username and password in the provided space.
  4. Click on the log in
  5. Your login process is successful.

Login Requirements

The following are the basic requirements to get logged in to your myHTspace. So make sure you fulfill the requirements for login. Requirements as follows,

  • An active account: it is to be noted that only the employee of Harris Teeter gets the beneficiary of myHTspace. And more importantly, the account should be inactive mode.
  • Internet connection: a proper internet connection only will help you to run through websites and web pages. So a proper internet connection is very much needed.
  • Login credentials: the credentials include the user id and password which are more important, and without them, you cant continue the process.
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The myHTspace is designed to provide care for the employees of Harris Teeter who cares about their customers. The organization is actually so proud and happy to render service and benefits to its employees. These beneficiaries not only support the employees but their family also and it’s actually planned in that sense.

The organization, not only provides benefit plans, but they also provide a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that includes substantial value to the employee’s total compensation received form Harris Teeter. Through myHTspace, the employee receives additional benefits along with the competitive basic salary and the opportunity to participate in the incentive programs.

Listed down are the beneficiaries of myHTspace login provided to the Harris Teeter Employees. The benefits are as follows,

  1. Dependent life insurance
  2. Supplement AD and D insurance
  3. Critical illness insurance
  4. Flexible spending accounts
  5. Medical
  6. Work-life solutions
  7. Hugh G. Ashcraft base
  8. Cosmetic
  9. Vision
  10. Legal benefit
  11. Short-term disability
  12. Long-term disability
  13. Educational assistance
  14. Associate VIC card reductions

Login Page

The Login page is nothing but the Web page of the online portal, where the users are asked to fill in the basic details like the user id and password to get logged in. Once you log in, it provides access to the website directly that allows going through its contents. The login process helps the owner of the website to have a check on your activities, track your behavior and so on. You can simply log in through the web-page or website manually every time, or if once you save your login details it can directly log in without providing the details.


Forgetting your password is not something new and recovering it is not a tough task though. So, one need not panic. Calm down. And just follow what we share here in the following space to recover and change your password.

So click on the FORGOT PASSWORD button under the login area. In a few minutes, a recovery mail from myHTspace with the link to reset password will be sent to your mail ID. Open the link from the mail, it will direct you to the page to set you a new password. Type your password in the space provided. Your password is reset now. You can log in to your myHTspace using your new reset password. And it’s done.


In myHTspace, you can also update your information as and when you like, it provides options to update your email, phone number, password and also, here you can set profile pictures.

  • TO UPDATE PASSWORD: you will have to log in and go to Settings. Choose Account Settings there and click on Password. In the space, enter your previous password first and then your new password. And click on the Save button. The new password is set.
  • TO UPDATE EMAIL: you will have to follow the same step as you did for updating the password till you reach Account Settings. There choose EMAIL. There fill in the email you wanted to update. It will ask for the password for confirmation. Once done, your email is updated.
  • TO UPDATE PROFILE PICTURE: log in to your myHTspace and go to Settings. Choose Account Settings and there click on the Profile picture on the top. Browse for your new photo on the PC or your phone. Crop the image and fix it appropriately and then choose Upload. Once uploaded, Save the image. And it’s done.


  • myHTspace Customer service Number: 1-800-432-6111
  • Official website:
  • My Harris Teeter FAQ:


I hope this content on myHTspace benefited you with the details elaborated. And also hope we covered the maximum of what we could in do in this article. Feel free to post your queries down in the comments below, we would surely try to help you sort the issue. And to note, this article content is completely for informative purposes and not commercial. And in no way we are benefited by providing these articles from the organization side, except from the reader’s side, if this is useful we are benefited that way in means of helping you.

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