MTK Droid Tool Download Latest Version for Windows

MTK DROID TOOL: Android devices and their scope of application and usage are immense in this digital world. Android is a mobile OS developed by Google which is found almost in every place. Cars, smartphones, Televisions, game consoles. Digital cameras, PCs, all have android in this evolved modern era. Any PC / laptop/ mobiles have a Processor or a Chip inside it, which is actually responsible for the functioning of the entire system.

Some of the Android devices contain a Chip called the Mediatek Chip which can be used for almost all purposes, especially for the overall functioning of the Android MTK device. This blog is a compilation of a detailed description of the MTK Droid Tools used for these Android MTK devices. Get to know what it is, its features, how to download and use it and be a tech-gig yourself.

MTK DROID TOOL Latest Version For Windows

This tool is the base for varied tasks which can be performed in the Android devices. One can backup stock firmware, flash their Android smartphone, root their Android devices and even scatter their files in their devices. Apart from rooting the Android devices, you can also install custom ROMs, Patches, Mods and many more so as to play around with their Android smartphones or any other Android devices.

This tool can be used in Windows as well which will accelerate the action of scattering the files, take back up of their ROM, rooting their Android, and IMEI. However, this tool is specially designed for MediaTek devices only. Therefore make sure your device is also a MediaTek device so as to make use of this MTK Droid Tool.

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MTK Droid Tool has many features. By getting to know them, you will start to understand better about this tool.


This is a basic function in any device. However, the MTK Droid Tool will make it easy for you to restore your recovery or backup them for future use. To make this work, just connect your MTK Android Device to your PC using a USB cable and then choose the option RECOVERY and click on BACKUP. That’s it, your backup will start in no time.


If you find hard to root your Android device so as to gain access to the root of your device, probably to install a software which is not permitted by the manufacturer or to have a modified software code. Whatever the reason is, if you want to root your MTK based Android Smartphone, you can for sure, use the MTK Droid Tool to make the process an easier one.

  • All you have to do is to go to your device’s SETTING then click ABOUT PHONE and tap on BUILD NUMBER 7 TIMES.
  • After doing this, get your Android device connected to your PC and start using your MTK Droid Tool.

For rooting, you can click on ROOT option on the MTK Droid Tool and your rooting will start. MTK Droid Tool has made the process of rooting more similar and efficient.


A scatter file is nothing but a collection of blocks that makes the process of flashing the device’s stock firmware more effective, efficient and faster. For example, these scatter files are required by the SP Flash Tools in any MTK based Android device, so that it can flash the stock firmware.


By using this, you can not only flash the stock firmware but can also backup or restore your device’s firmware for future use. It is important and viable to back up your firmware so as to avoid any complications when something goes wrong. With an easy and simple User Interface, you can back up your firmware without much stress or work.


IMEI is the abbreviation for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is actually a special and unique number given to each and every mobile phone which is actually connected to a GSM network and is also stored in a database for references. In case you want to back up your device’s IMEI, you can use this MTK Droid Tool to make the process a simple and efficient one.

Even if you face problems about seeing a NULL IMEI in your device, especially after rooting your android mobile, it will turn out to be a big complication. In order to avoid such big twists, it is always better to have a backup of your IMEI, which can be done by using MTK Droid Tool.

Now that you are familiar with MTK Droid Tools and its uses or significance, it is now time to download, install and use it, for real.  You can find links and also a detailed procedure as in how to download and use this MTK Droid Tool in your MTK based Android devices below.


There are different versions of this tool, however, it is evident that the latest version is more efficient than all the other previous ones.

Before knowing the procedures and the links to download this tool, first make sure that your respective device is compatible and suitable to use the MTK Droid Tool. Some of the basic requirements are:

  • MTK Droid Tool, as its name suggests, works only with MediaTek Android Devices and not in another model. Only the specific versions of Android are supported by this tool and they are Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat.
  • Samsung, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei and many more company devices with the specific Android versions are compatible for the working of MTK Droid Tool.
  • Make sure you have a compatible, good and a working USB cable so as to connect your device with your computer.
  • It is necessary that you enable the USB Debugging Options by going to SETTINGS > DEVELOPERS > Choose USB DEBUGGING option and there you go.
  • Have a Windows PC.
  • MTK Droid Tool works only on certain Windows OS like Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.2/ 10 and more.
  • An MTK USB Driver and MediaTek Vcom Driver are also necessary.
  • After making sure that the above-mentioned items are available, download PdaNet to continue the process.
  • Once PdaNet is downloaded, Download the MTK Root Tool after which you can actually start your real work.
  • Before proceeding with the actual work of downloading this MTK Droid Tool, verify your phone chipsets.


  • MT6582
  • MT6592
  • MT6589T
  • MT6577
  • MT6572
  • MT6575 and
  • Other modern MTK chipsets.


This MTK Droid Tool has a malware in Files>pwn. You need not worry about this tool to harming your devices.

  • It is also important to note that if the antivirus in your device eliminates the rooting option from this tool, then this tool may not allow you to root your device.
  • You should also note that the warranty of your device will go void if you flash and root your Android device. If you really want to do it, then it is at your own risk only.
  • To be on the safer side, it is better to back up all your device data because, during flashing custom firmware, your entire device data will be lost.
  • It is strictly a Windows-only software.


Different links are available for a different version of MTK Droid Tool. The password for all the links is

  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.2.9.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.3.4.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.4.0.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.4.7.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.4.8.00:
  •  MTK DROID TOOL v2.5.0.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.5.1.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.5.2.00:
  • MTK DROID TOOL v2.5.3.00:


  • After downloading the MTK Droid Tool in your PC, connect your MediaTek device with your PC through a USB cable.
  • “Drivers successfully installed”, will be the message on your screen after the installation process, if your drivers are connected and installed properly.
  • Now as the administrator of your PC, run the MTK Droid Tool.
  • Choose the Root option and click OK for any window that pops up for permission or as any notification in your mobile.
  • After all this, you will see a progress bar on the screen which will become yellow from green.
  • Now is the time to back up your files by clicking the BACKUP option and then you can start rooting it.
  • After the backup chooses ‘To prepare blocks for flash tool’.
  • Follow all the instructions that appear on your screen and start rooting your MediaTek device with this MTK Droid Tool.

These are the steps for rooting your device with any version of the MTK Droid Tool, however, just make sure you follow each instruction properly and all the steps as well.

MTK Droid Tool is definitely a user-friendly software which will aid you in many ways if used in the right manner and procedure. Use it wisely and get benefitted.

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