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IDMGCEXT.CRX: The 21st century is the digital era which comprises of new-born technologies every day. Life in this era is, in fact, the fastest and is also the period which has made the world look so small with its technological advancements. Internet is the most significant element to maintain this busy life and to keep up with the pace.

However, the internet is not available in high speed in every area in this world and that is why a tool called Internet Download Manager (IDM) is introduced to this digital world so as to increase the internet speed by 5 times and for a more advanced functioning of the net. IDMGCEXT refers to Internet Download Manager Google Chrome Extension. Let’s get to know more about IDMGCEXT.CRX, its features, problems, and solutions in this blog.

IDM is not easy to activate in Google Chrome as it has its own limitations. However, in this technological world, any problem will always have a solution and especially in terms of the technology itself.

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  1. Many videos from the internet can be downloaded.
  2. With the presence of https, the website becomes more safe and secure.
  3. Multilingual support is offered by this IDMGCEXT.crx tool.
  4. After every download, there’ll be virus protection so as to avoid any virus to enter your PC.
  5. It is a very easy task to just send the URL you need to download to the IDM so as to download it in the easiest and secure manner.

After knowing the benefits of IDMGCExt, and you feel like you want to have it or if your already Downloaded IDMGCExt file is lost, then use the link below to download and install the software so as to add it as an extension to Google Chrome.

Download IDMGCExt.crx Using these Links


Activating IDM in Google Chrome involves adding extensions and Add Ounces to Chrome in a slightly different manner. However, your IDM has to be updated to its latest version to make this process work. If in case you do not have it to update it and continue with this detailed procedure in how to add IDM Chrome Extension.

  • Tap on the 3-point menu in Google Chrome.
  • Then click MORE TOOLS and then EXTENSIONS.
  • As the third step, the Extension tab has to be opened so as to add TDM extensions in chrome.
  • You need to open your installed IDM and so go to MY COMPUTER and choose the folder in which you have stored the downloaded and installed IDM software.
  • Open the Software’s / Internet Download Manager’s folder.
  • Inside the folder, select the files which have the name IDMGCExt.crx / IDMGCExt. After selecting the files, open the EXTENSIONS tab in Google Chrome which had already been opened before. Now you have to drag and drop the selected file to the Chrome’s extension page to activate the extension activity.
  • A warning will appear in the left bottom of the screen, if it does, then select CONTINUE. There you go, your IDM is activated on your Google Chrome.

This is how you need to attach or activate IDM in your Google Chrome. However, as stated before, technology will have its own faults and remedial actions as well. In case if there’s any repair or corrupted IDM Integration Module Chrome Extension then follow the following steps to curb that.

  • It is mandatory that you remove the extension immediately or as soon as possible after identifying any corrupted message or repair in the extension.
  • Do not close the Chrome window immediately. Chrome’s extension page has to be kept open while you should go to the folder in which IDM software is installed. Once you find it, drag and drop the file IDMGCExt.crx on the Chrome’s extension page to install.
  • If you do this correctly, a REPAIR button will appear for the same extension. Tap that to proceed further. By tapping the REPAIR button, you’ll be navigated to REPAIR EXTENSIONS for IDM Integration Module. Click it and solve the problem or issue.

This is just one of the problems which will arise in terms of IDMGCEXT. Sometimes this will not work in your PC as well. Need not stress so much because we’ve got solutions for such technical issues as well, so relax.


  • If the wrong key is used for registering IDM.
  • If you have failed to update your extension and have just updated your IDM.
  • Installing patched or modified IDM software can also lead to this problem.
  • After downloading IDM chrome extension, if your browser in reset then IDMGCEXT will not work on PC.
  • If by mistake, you tend to delete the IDMGCEXT.crx from the browser, the saved data will be lost and so the software will not work anymore.

These IDMGCEXT.crx are mainly used to download videos from various websites. This can also be affected if your IDM extension does not work properly, either in PC or in Chrome. Make sure you avoid mistakes or errors while installing and registering it with Chrome’s extension.

Another shocking fact is that, recently the Windows Defender on Windows 10 has stated that the tool, IDMGCEXT is a virus by showing the ‘THREATS FOUND’ sign on the screen from the Action Center. In the Chrome download bar, the download will also be stopped due to the presence of the virus in the extension file. However, it is stated that the virus is called the TROJAN: WIN32/BLUTEAL!rfn through which a hacker can easily hack your PCs. Therefore this malicious act states as severe.

If in case you are affected by these malicious acts and if your IDMGCExt activity was disturbed, need not worry, Here are some remedial steps to follow so as to activate IDM in Google Chrome again.

  • Go to Windows Defender Security Centre and select VIRUS AND THREAT PROTECTION and check if there are any updates to be done. By updating, new definitions will be added and installed to the program.
  • Now, if your IDMGCExt file has been deleted or removed by Windows Defender so as to avoid any malicious activity in your PC, then you need to restore it.
  • To restore the removed IDMGCExt, select START and type Windows Defender.
  • Tap and open the WINDOWS DEFENDER SECURITY CENTER and tap THREAT HISTORY then click the ^ icon for the above mentioned threat’s name and finally tap the RESTORE option so as to restore your removed IDMGCExt. File.

This is how you download, install and activate or attach the IDM’s extension to Google Chrome for more benefits, mainly in terms of downloads. Even when it is stated as a virus by the Windows Defender program, it is still safe and useful to use it. Even when something goes wrong, there are solutions to it, therefore, make sure you do not get upset for any complication in this process, also ensure you do the process and follow the procedures correctly.

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