Download DraStic DS Emulator APK [licence resolved]

DraStic DS Emulator APKAren’t we all excited about gaming? I know there are a lot of game freaks out. But is gaming been always portable to you? Handy? Or when brought in to your smartphones, were they more comfy or gave you the same exciting experience as on your computers and on large screens? I know there will be a little lengthy NOOOOOO….but its, not the exact scenario. The “NO” was for your awareness. There are really cool Emulators on the market for you to actually experience the best of gaming.

The unique gaming device, DraStic DS Emulator Full APK is the fastest Nintendo DS emulator for Android as its name, which was launched in 2004. Despite the huge package of games, the Nintendo DS emulator launched numbers of games to play in mobiles.

As the family of DS fans widened, they introduced Drastic DS Emulator For Android is more powerful enabling us to play games on our Android phones.

Its a full-featured pack with high-speed facilities to play games on most of the android devices. They are capable of performing a lot of other stuff and the apps that are cracked by DraStic DS Emulators are more capable when it’s been used on Android. The user-friendly self-choosing options are comfier.

DraStic DS Emulator APK

Best features of DraStic DS Emulator APK(Patched)

The DraStic DS Emulator APK (Patched) facilitates with a lot of specialized features to enhance the gaming experience flavoring with customized customer-friendly features.

  • The 3D emulator graphics are enhanced to 2by 2 times of their original resolution which is an option, that works best on high-end quad-core devices.
  • The difficulty of bringing all in a single screen is been customized by the placement and size feature enabling the user to handle both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Supports controls and physical devices connected to Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play replacing virtual keys.
  • The device memory holds the games saved at any time which can be uploaded to Google Drive for backups and can be resumed from where you stopped without any lose.
  • Enable the player to complete the games sooner and easily with developers cheat codes that are allowed by the emulator.
  • The main feature of the emulator is its increased speed. With fast forward options.

 These are the highly noted features that are to be highlighted from the rest which make the DraStic DS Emulator stand different from the rest.

What is DraStic DS Emulator and Why it’s different from Other Alternative Emulators?

The DraStic DS Emulator is basically an application supporting the Nintendo DS games on android which is considered to be one of the best emulators. This emulator has the capability to run the most of the Nintendo games more efficiently on a high-end speed in ease on your smartphones. Despite it not being accessed by Google, they are one of the popular emulators around.

The features are built upon requiring the needs of the Nintendo DS emulator. In spite of it being a paid application on Google Play Store, there is a huge crowd of around 1 million users who downloaded it, excluding its grand amount since 2016. And has achieved in receiving 5stars from the maximum of its users. And the most attracting facility is that the space it holds, which is only of 12M and run very smooth.

The main aspect that makes DraStic DS Emulator different from other Alternative emulators is because of its size, customization, user-friendly and the high-end speed it facilitates with.

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Screenshot of DraStic DS Emulator APK

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator APP


 Download DraStic DS Emulator APK for Android

This DraStic DS Emulator is a paid app costing $5.99, that can be downloaded through Google Play Store. As it is really huge to afford so much for an app, so we brought in with the link of the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator which can be downloaded and installed for free.

Drastic Full Version Apk | Drastic Ds Emulator Pro Apk | Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Download Free Full Version

Flow Up the Procedures to Download the APK

Step1: Download the APK file via the link provided. In case of you using your PC to download the file, never forget to connect your android to transfer it and do remember the location of the file.

Step2: From the FILE MANAGER download the file and open it to start installing.

Step3: The other step should be added if the installation was declined. Go to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Source >Enable.

DraStic DS

Step4: After enabling, get back to the previous step and install the DraStic DS Emulator APK without any disturbance.

Step5: It takes approx of 10-15 sec to install, wait till it finishes.

Step6: Now you could find the DraStiC DS Emulator Pro Apk in yow app draws. You are done now!!

Drastic DS Emulator Download APK No License

Download DraStic DS Emulator Old version (r2.5.0.3a)

In case of your android not supporting the latest version of the APK, you can solve it by downloading the older version. We are availed with the link for making it easier.

How to install DraStic Emulator Cracked APK in Android

Step1: Download Drastic DS Emulator Cracked APK file.

Step2: Go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Source Install.

Step3: Install DraStic DS Emulator Cracked APK file through the APK File.

Step4: Click Install Button

DraStic DS Emulator APK

Step5: The installation process starts.

And it’s done now, experience more fun by sharing with your friends and enjoy gaming together.

DraStic DS Emulator Menu [Guide for New user] 

To familiarize you with applications function keys here is a brief about the functions of the DraStic DS Emulator.

DraStic DS Emulator Menu

  • Disable virtual keyboard
  • Switch Screens
  • Disable/ enable sub-screen
  • Save
  • Convert Two Screens horizontally
  • Pause
  • Full Screen
  • Load Save file

A part of the interface of the app is displayed above, where there are a lot more features and options in the min frame.

On Play Store there is full version and the demo version of the Drastic DS Emulator, where the 30 minutes of free trial helps you to chose if you had to download the entire version or not.

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How to Remove DraStic DS Emulator APK V(r2.5.0.3a) License?

To stop the access of the application there appears License error message which can be removed from the APK file and will let you in ease to play games on the Emulator.

Step1: Download and store the APK files provided to you such as Jasi Patcher, Xposed Installer and DraStic Ds Emulator in your device.

Step2: Locate your file from the File Manager to install.

Step3: just open the file and click Install to install Xposed Installer, then Virtual Xposed and DraStic DS Emulator.

Step4: Open Virtual Xposed applications and from the main menu, “Add Files” there select DraStic DS Emulator and Jasi Patcher files and wait till the installing process completes.

Step5: Then restart the Xposed Installer. From the right corner, click on the 3dots > Modules > select Jasi Patcher box.

Step6: Settings > App > VirtualXposed > Force to Stop

Step7: Choose Jasi Patcher as the Default and select Emulation > Select App > Drastic. Find “ Licence Emulation” and enable from the Emulation interface.

Step8: And now when you find the same license error message, close it and open the file again. It would have vanished now.

 The Conclusion of Drastic DS Emulator APK

The DraStic DS Emulator is the best emulator for the Nintendo DS games. This wasn’t something that was planned to be the best, but the facilities made it be the best of all the rest. Hope we gave with a good view of the DraStic Emulator. We are also ready to help you with your queries. And also we have added links for you to easily download the files directly.

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