Directv error code 775 – How to Fix it [Solution]

DIRECTV ERROR CODE 775: DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, is basically a direct broadcast satellite which provides services in America. The service provider which was launched on 17th June 1994 is based in El Segundo, California. The satellite service focuses on transmitting digital video and audio of satellite television to the households of the United States, Latin America, the Americas, and the Caribbean. DirecTV offers an excellent alternative for normal cable connections at places where the cable connections are not compatible. No matter how perfect things are, at some point of time, something always goes wrong because as we know nothing goes perfect always, as we know.

Usually, an error code pops up on the television screen when something goes wrong with DirecTV. This code will indicate about what kind of problem has occurred and with it you can troubleshoot the problem. The error code 775 is the commonly appearing error code and this indicates that your DirecTV receiver is having some problem with communication with your satellite dish. This hindered communication between the receiver and the satellite dish may be due to a lot of reasons like a loose connection or your power inserter being turned off to a severed cable.

In this article, we will be giving solutions to tackle problems that arise while your television displays the error code 775.


The most common cause for this error message is the lack of power which means that your power inserter is unplugged. Power inserter is the rectangular black box that carries the satellite dish’s signal to the primary receiver. If in case this box is unplugged, then there would be no medium for the signal to travel from the satellite to the receiver. It is also to be noted that the power inserters are used by customers having more than one television set connected to the DirecTV dish.

Any problem with the satellite dish will also contribute to the error code 775. This means that the satellite dish is not pointing at the satellite in a correct manner. This is technically known as the dish and the satellite being “out of alignment”. Frequently this issue arises when slapdash is installed. The misalignment is because of the improper mounting of the satellite on the poles. It may be caused also when the poles are not pushed deep into the ground where it is properly secured. It is made standard that the pole should be of 6 feet and that it should be 3 feet under the ground. If the satellite dish is placed on the rooftop or on the terrace, then under the circumstances of rain and storms, the dish may get misaligned.


If your receiver is damaged, you will get the error code 775 displayed on your screen. This is quite inevitable because it is often because of lightning strikes, power surge, etc. For instance, if you have recently dropped your receiver then it is evident that there might occur some internal damages that are responsible for the error code 775.  If the error code is not because of the first-mentioned cause, then you will need a technician’s assistance to get the problem fixed right. Here are some solutions to tackle with the problems causing error code775.


Solution 1: Ensure Proper Connections on your DirecTV

As mentioned earlier, loose connections or unplugged receiver may contribute to error code 775.

  • Go to the location of power insertion.
  • Check if the green light appears. If not, your receiver is unplugged. Plug it properly.
  • At the back of your DirecTV receiver, there will be a lot of connections.
  • Make sure that each connection is not loosely connected and that they are properly seated. Start with SAT IN connection.
  • With every connection secured and properly seated, turn on the television to check if the error code 775 has disappeared.

Solution 2: Checking Swim power inserter

Along with the satellite dish and the receiver, most DirecTV users have swim power inserter. This inserter should be connected to a power outlet and to the cables going towards the satellite dishes. Check if the power inserter is working properly. If it is working, then power cycling it may solve the error code 775.

  • Take off the plug of the swim power inserter from the power outlet.
  • After 30 seconds, plug the power inserter into the power outlet again.
  • Turn it on and see if it is working.
  • After making sure that everything is properly connected, turn on the television and see if the error code has disappeared.

Solution 3: Wait for the storm to calm down

Climate plays an important role here. Natural occurrences like solar storms and heavy rains may create interference making you to run into error code 775. At times like this, the only option for you is to wait until the storm settles down. Later your DirecTV services will come back online.

Solution 4: Ask for help

If all the solutions fail, contact your DIRECTV service provider. Mention them that you are being displayed the error code 775 on the television. Request a visit. Frayed cables or issues with hardware or software may make you see the error code 775. Issues with DirecTV receiver, satellite dish or swim power converter or broken cables also contribute to this. In such cases, it is recommended that you call your service provider to fix the issue. They will give a visit to your home, diagnose the problem and totally resolve it. It is highly recommended that you do not try to fix the receiver without the assistance of a DirecTV technician.

FINAL WORDS OF Directv Error Code 775

It is impossible to have cable connections at all the places and so satellite dishes as DirecTV comes into the picture being an enduring alternative to cable television. DirecTV is a satellite television service provider in the United States and other parts of Latin America. It is casual for occasional errors even though the service works perfectly fine.

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