How To Fix Custom Binary Blocked By frp Lock

Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock: Not all the time does your phone function in the most perfect manner. Sometimes your phone might be prone to certain technical issues. A similar issue that requires attention is “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” in recent times. This means that your phone has been flashed with an unauthorized binary file and that it has been detected.

This is why your phone refuses to boot itself. To access your phone for further use, the FRP lock has to be removed. The problem occurs often in Samsung phone models and in the other models, we cannot assure zero chances for this problem to occur. This article is written in a way to brief you about how to tackle the issue of custom binary blocked by FRP lock.

Fix “Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock” Error on Android

What is Custom Binary File?

So what is a custom binary file? Android is an open platform and anyone with a wizard mind of coding can go onto modifying it so as to get certain features that are not provided by the manufacturer of the phone on the phone. This is to enable some of the applications or features compatible on their device. This modified file is the custom binary file.

What is Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock?

FRP is an abbreviated form for Factory Reset Protection. This feature is freshly detected in the devices operating on Android 5.1 and the higher versions in recent times. This feature acts as a kind of a shield for the Android devices so as to deny the allowance of the complete restoring of the device and the illegitimate programs that can make alterations in the device without the actual grant from the original user.

  • The issue actually occurs when you root your device in order to display Fresh Firmware/ROM or after the inner settings on the device are changed. You will get the FRP lock appeared on the screen display to be intimated of the formerly logged in the password and Google ID.
  • The password and the Google ID have to be entered to get the device activated while resetting it. Any alterations in the Stock Firmware will get you to receive the above-mentioned error.
  • No matter how many times you restart your phone, the error message will be displayed on the screen continuously.
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Commonly Used Methods to Unlock Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock

Being a widely known problem among the Android users, “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” has got a number of methods to be tackled in recent times. For the users’ convenience and as this issue often occurs in Samsung models relatively, the method of unlocking has been discussed for a Samsung model in this article. You can follow one of the methods mentioned below to overcome the issue.

How to Unlock Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock Using Force Restarting

This method if simple and consumes lesser time. The background operations are halted and the temporary program errors can be fixed. Follow the given steps to go ahead with fixing the problem.

  • Hold the Power On or Off button along with the Volume Down button for about four to seven seconds.
  • Your device will reboot and restart.
  • A message notifying “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” will not pop up on the display anymore.
  • If in case, you still face the issue of FRP lock follows the instructions that are to come further in the article.

How to Unlock Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock Using Factory Resetting By Recovery Mode

This is an alternative to the previous method. The steps to be followed are given below.

  • Press the power on or off button along with the volume up button and the home button.
  • A list of options will be displayed.
  • The Volume up and down buttons will enable you to move up and down the list respectively. The power button will act as entering key.
  • Using those buttons choose the Data Wipe or Factory Reset option.
  • Wait until the process gets done and restart the device. This might take some time. So wait till the process is done.
  • While doing this unlocking process, the data may disappear. There might be a need for you to reset the device from the beginning.

How to Unlock Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock Using Odin to Flash Stock Firmware

This method is another alternative one with a series of steps that will require patience. But this method has got only one failure case out of ten attempts. So it is worth the time you take. Please do make sure that you stay patient and you are not supposed to omit any of the steps.

  • Download the Newly Updated Version of Odin on your PC.
  • Download the Stock Firmware that will support the phone. Update the details of your model number, nationality and other particulars that are asked for.
  • Press the Power on or off Button along with the volume down button and the home button for like four or five seconds. This will take you to the download screen where you can use the volume up button to proceed with the further processes.
  • Connect the device to the PC with a USB cord.
  • Right-click on the Odin tool that has been downloaded in your PC and click on Run Administration to launch the tool.
  • On launching the tool, your device will now display the Odin window.
  • The tool will automatically recognize your device from the details you have entered previously and the device name will be displayed on the main Odin window in the PC.
  • Choose the options ‘CSC’, ‘AP’, ‘CP’. With the already downloaded firmware files, choose the respective file types of the chosen options.
  • After having added the file types, proceed further with flashing by clicking on the start button.
  • After the flashing process is done, a “pass” message will be displayed by the Odin box. The device will then reboot.
  • Now the device will have to be the setup newly.
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How to Unlock Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock Using Lockwiper

LockWiper is a software that can be used to unlock the FRP lock.

  • The first and foremost thing you should do is Download the LockWiper software on your PC and run it.
  • Opt for the “Remove Google Lock” option. By “Google Lock”, it refers to “FRP”.
  • The device should be connected to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Click on Start, Select the appropriate brand and device name and click on “next”.
  • Enter the device information that is asked for and hit the download button.
  • For the device to be downloaded with a data package, adhere to the instruction on the screen. Click on “start to extract” and go to the device download mode (as mentioned in the previous methods). Hit the start button. To initiate the installation of the data package, enter 000000.
  • Make sure that the “USB debugging” and “OEM Unlock” options are in the enabled mode. The device should be reset. Enter into the download mode to get the firmware package downloaded.
  • FRP lock will be bypassed by the LockWiper as soon as the extraction of the firmware package is done. Wait till then and your device will be reset.

Final Verdict of Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock

Unlocking FRP is a tedious process because it is more like security to keep any new programs from tampering the device. We hope that the methods to unlock the Factory Reset Protection lock have been explained in a neat manner to the maximum possible extent. Of all the methods, using Odin tool is considered to be the most effective one and LockWiper is known to consume minimal storage space in the PC.  Another software similar to LockWiper is Dr.Fone- Android Lock.

Both the software are compatible for not just Samsung but for other Android devices too. They can help you save the data while in the other methods, this cannot be guaranteed. This article should have been helpful to you. For more suggestions, comments and queries please do contact us.

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