Appvn APK Download Latest Version [Android V8.1.4(180)]

Appvn APK: We all would have faced a lot of struggle in getting a few apps and games in our Android. Would have gone tired of searching for ways to get them. But it would have never been an all-time success. Got stuck up in midways finding things useless to at that time. Despite technology being handy, we got to learn things to make tech work from our fingertips.

So it’s our duty to get more updated with the ideas of how things work and try out with its features and know what else can be done with it. Self-learning will teach more than things taught.

Here we have the most alluring third-party app store, Appvn APK which is completely free to download, rushes out all those difficulties and support you with ease in handling and getting your favorite apps and games in your any rooted Android device without any disturbance in the process.

This most demanded app store is considered to be the best of best in facilitating with apps and games to its users that are even highly risky to get through Play Store. It makes things more exciting by giving recent updates of apps and games.

Appvn APK Download Latest Version [Android V8.1.4(180)]

The best part of this enthralling app store is that it sends updates with its own upgradation. This version of Appvn APK Version – Android V8.1.4(180) is considered to be full featured app store posting Ads on recently developed popular Apps on its Store.

It also gives access to a number of a variety of games and apps even before reaching online that works perfectly on Android Operating Systems. Despite a few games being paid, their OS is completely free on Appvn.

The user interface allows the users to opt between two types of search in its search engine. The one is the direct method of searching apps by its name, allows to find them by saving it. The other is searching by categories from the list of it,

  • Apps
  • Comics
  • E-Books
  • Films
  • Games
  • Gifts
  • Ringtones
  • Wallpapers

As there is a fault in every star, this app also troubles sometimes by not download the requires game. This is being resolved by its technicians, hope its been rectified. But you don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment here and this well-featured app store when clicked on Download, you will get as soon as possible. And start enjoying with your list of favorite apps and games from the list provided.

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 Best Features Provided by Appvn APK Download

Appvn APK is considered to be the most full-featured App Store then that on the other  Stores, which includes a wide range of Apps and Games in your Android / iDevice / PC and Mac. Here we are with its best of best-highlighted features for you to know what all it can do.

  • This App Store holds a wide range of Latest games and app on its own with recent upgradation, before it had reached Online.
  • It’s one other appreciable feature is it allows mostly all Paid apps for free, indeed help in saving money, and its to be noted that the apps outside this App Store are mostly paid.
  • The star feature of it is its Search Bar. The two Search engine, by name and by category facilitates its use by saving time and also find the app very soon.
  • The games and apps in the Appvn App store are 100% free. It also facilitates free e-Books, TV shows also.
  • This is that one user-friendly and customized App Store which is very easy to use.
  • This Appvn App store is best noted for its Instant updates on Apps and Games, even before they reach online.
  • This Appvn, works completely flawlessly on iOS and Android OS. Which doesn’t lead to any technical issues during the process of downloading?
  • Despite the other app stores, it doesn’t have any issues in Language. It’s accessed in Standard English Language only.
  • Its key feature is that it holds the maximum number of apps and games in a very minimal storage capacity of not more than 20MB and it considerably fast.

 Screenshot of Appvn APK  


How to Download Appvn APK for Android Device

You could use the link below to Download Appvn APK on your Android Device.

Step1: Through the link provided, download the Appvn APK.

Step2: After it gets downloaded, located the App in your device to install it.

Step3: Open the Appvn App in your Android.

Step4: With the help of the search bar, find the required apps or games.

Step5: You will be provided with an entirely free version of Apps and Games on Appvn App store.

Step6: And now, it’s done. You can enjoy apps and games of your own choice through this full-featured app store.

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How to Install Appvn APK on Android [Step by Step]

Before you are installing the app store, you have followed this important step to enjoy trouble-free installations of it.

  • Go to Unknown Sources in Settings on your Android device and Enable it.
  • To get the Appvn APK file, download and install it in your Android Device. Complete the process by clicking on the App’s icon to install.
  • * And yes! You’re done with the installation process.

How to Install Appvn APK for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

There are different methods to download and install Appvn iOS on the iPad or iPhone. We are with two methods that are been chosen best and easy out of the rest. The steps are followed below,

#Method 1

 Step 1: Use the given link to download Appvn iOS .ipa. Or scan the Barcode to download the App directly into any of your iDevice.

Step 2: When you use the link or Barcode, the screen down in the picture will be opened.

Step 3: On the webpage, click on Install Application.

Step 4: Tap on Install again in the next pop screen to complete the process.


Step 5: The Appvn app will be shown in your iDevice, soon after the process is over.


Step 6: And now you can enjoy experiencing apps and games on your iDevice.

#Method 2

 Step 1: Download the app from the Website given.

Step 2: Follow the instructions and tap on Install finally.

Step 3: Solve the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error,  soon after the installations process.

Step 4: Settings < General < Profile & Device Management.

Step 5: Choose the Blue color name shown under the Developer’s name in Enterprise App Section.

Step 6: And yeah! Now your door to numerous app and games is opened for you.

You could follow either of the listed ways to download Appvn APK app on any of your iDevices like iPhone, iPad, etc.

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How to install Appvn APK for PC (Windows / 7/8/8.1/10 XP and MacOSX)

You can download Appvn APK on your Windows PC/ LAptop and Mac using the Android Emulator Software which allows one to slide to download and install Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac computers. Follow the given steps below on your PC/ Mac to get downloaded the Appvn APK App store to enjoy android apps and games on your computers.

Step 1: Install the Android emulator Software like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer and/ or MEmuPlay in your PC/Mac to get the Appvn on any version of your Windows.

Step 2: download the Appvn app in your PC / Mac through the link below.

Step 3: Using the Android emulator file Open and Install Appvn Apkon your PC / Mac.

Step 4: The process ends at-once the Appvn APK gets downloaded in your PC /Mac. And there will be no further disturbance in experiencing the best variety of Android Apps and Games.

Notes: In case of you facing any error in installing Appvn APK in either of your devices, on Android or on PC / Mac, Uninstall the app from the device and Re-install it again following either of the steps mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Its always been better to clear things initially rather than dragging so long. And similarly, we all will have plenty of questions regarding anything that are newly introduced to us.  So this section of the Article covers the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Apppvn APK App store.

Check Out Wikipedia link:-
  1. What an Appvn is?

The Appvn APK is considered to be the latest of all other third-party app stores for devices like PC, Android, iOS, etc having the trending apps for completely free access.

  1. Where all can this app been compatible?

The Appvn APK is more consistent enough to compatible with PC, Android and iOS having all the trending app list.

  1. Are the Premium Apps free on Appvn?

The recently updated version of this App facilitates with the free access of Premium Apps.

  1. Is the App easy to use?

This App is very easy to use, made simple to access by all. There is actually no much complexity in it.

  1. What features signify Apppvn to stand different from the rest?

This app is considered to be the best of all another third-party app as it provides a lot of signifying feature like

  • Specialized search bar allowing a search through the category and name type
  • Has the latest version of mostly all of its products
  • Has a very useful list of Apps and games
  • Reduces search time
  • User-friendly and fast navigation
  • Small APK file size
  • Optimized source code
  • High-speed download
  1. Is there any registration required to use Appvn?

No, there is no need for any sort of registration needed to use this Appvn app store as everyone is free to use this for free as long as you have stable internet connections.

  1. What all can we get through this App Store?

This app store allows its users to get downloaded with a variety of apps, games, wallpapers, gifts, TV shows, eBooks, comics and a lot more for free.

  1. Is there an English version?

Yes, there is the English version of this App Store. Follow the steps below to change from Chinese to English.

  • Click on the top left button to open the sidebar with a list of the menu when you open the app.
  • Click on the 7th tab on the menu – Gear icon. To open settings.
  • Choose the 3rd tab in the Settings list opened to configure Language.
  • Choose English from the pop-up menu. It’s done now.
  1. In what language was this App Store released first?

This is a product by the best innovators in the world, Chinese. And so it was originated in Chinese first.

  1. The most frequent user of this App store is?

Brazil, India, and Vietnam are the most frequent users of this App Store, while the other countries are been getting familiar to it recently.

  1. Is there any other interesting feature of this App Store?

The most interesting thing about this App Store is that any app or game in this store is completely free even if they are been availed paid on iTunes and Google Play Store.

  1. Is the app store being supporting rooted devices?

Yeah. This app store supports rooted devices.

  1. Does it allow jailbreak devices?

Sure. It does allow Jailbreak devices. 

The Conclusion

This Appvn APK is the most feasible app facilitating with a lot of specialized features and offering its service for completely free of cost. This is considered to be the most updated app store with current updates of apps and games from other app stores.

Hope this article about the Appvn APK Download Latest Version was a useful one. It’s very important to get more updated with the world. And this app store is a very updated one. Don’t just limit your online experience with the facilities of the Google Play store and iDevice. There are other numerous app stores and different Databases giving more information in its specialized stream. Get used to them and make more out of what is very obvious.

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