– Confirm Your AMEX Card Now AMEX! Sounds new right? Yeah, it had the same reaction on me when I heard it first. Later it sounded wow when I got to know how amazing that was. Not to further delay your curiosity. Scroll down to know what this is and how exciting these cards are. I am sure once they are truly gonna benefit you in different ways. Here we go with AMEX cards. Continue reading pals,

About American Express

A gold standard card service that acts as both issuer of cards and acts as a network is the American Express. It is an American based multinational company headquartered at 200 Vesey Street, New York City. Here it issues credits and charge cards and services through its own merchant networks. The American Express is the best to know for its excellent benefits offered that include no foreign transaction fees. There are few charge cards that potentially helps to gain large points at the sale as there is no pre-set credit limit. American Express is familiarly termed as AMEX, which is considered as the highest purchase card volume in the U.S.


The Amex membership reward program helps to redeem the bonus points gained in various ways, say like you can either use them for your personal use or even gift it to some. Here are the ways of using Amex membership rewards.

  1. TRAVEL REWARDS: one way you can transfer the points to the person you wish which offers Amex partners with a variety of hotel and airline services. Or you can use it in, you can use them during your trips as a part of booking hotel, cruise vacation package, etc.
  2. GIFT CARDS: the gift cards can be redeemed at more than 100 restaurants, retailers or for entertainment or travel brands. One can also redeem at the Amex gift card that you can use at participating retailers.
  3. MERCHANDISE: shop on for electronic items, jewelry, sports equipment, home decors, etc.
  4. SHOPPING: redeem points while shopping in-store or at on-line purchase.
  5. CHARGES: redeem points at eligible charges you’ve made on your card.
  6. CHARITY: you can redeem points by donating them to a non-profit registered with members.


Let’s look into the key benefits provided by American Express.

  1. Accelerated Earn Rate: you can earn 10 times your Membership Reward Points by making payments on Flipkart and Uber. And also earn 5 times Membership Rewards Points on Amazon, Swiggy, BookMyShow and more.
  2. Welcome Bonus: earn Rs.500 cashback on your first eligible spend on Rs.10,000 in the first 90 days of card membership as a welcome gift.
  3. Renewal Fee Waiver: earn a renewal fee waiver on Rs.40,000 and above eligible spends in the previous year of card membership.
  4. American Express EMI: one can convert their purchase into EMI at the time of sale with an interest rate as low as 12% per annum and zero foreclosure charges.
  5. Extended warranty: you can extend the warranty of the product purchased using the card according to the amount.
  6. Purchase protection: when a purchase is made using the card, the product is provided with 90 days of protection.
  7. Return protection: in case a merchant refuses to take back the product in case of a return, no less than 90 days, Amex assures to refund the amount excluding package and handling fee.
  8. Baggage insurance plan: claims at travel and business card, this may vary with the place you stay.
  9. Travel accident insurance: this benefit varies from card to card and the place you stay.
  10. Car rental loss and damage insurance: this insurance is secondary that kicks in after other insurance like personal insurance and pays.
  11. Global assist hotline: this is available to all US card members and helps in preparing trips with customer information and destination guides. It also includes lost passport service, translation service when you stay 100 miles away from your home town. This is a superior service offered by Amex.
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  1. Easy to get: when you register online, you get the Prepaid Debit cards via mail.


FREE and direct early deposit.

FREE payments of online bills

FREE ATM withdrawals till 30,00

  1. Easy to set up: one can directly deposit cash and add checks using a mobile phone. You can link the debit card or ass money from your bank account and access it at any location.
  2. Easy to use: you can pay bills, buy groceries, shop online, withdraw cash for free at over 30,000 in Moneypass ATM. You can also send and receive money to family friends with service accounts and also use them virtually anywhere the American Express card is accepted.


  1. Premium service: they provide 24×7 service via call, text, and email.
  2. Security: Amex is capable of spotting odd things in your spending and ensure safety and keeps away fraud. It gives complete security to your account.
  3. Amex offers: the American Express cars offer a lot of exciting travel, lodging, dining and more offers in India and Abroad.


AMERICAN EXPRESS SMARTEARN CREDIT CARD: Rs.500 cashback is offered as a welcome gift on Rs.10,000 eligible spends in the first 90 days of card membership. The yearly fee continues to be the same year after year, Rs.495 is only been charged.

AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD CARD: Offers a welcome gift of 4000 bonus membership reward points. The first year fee is Rs.1,000 and tax applicable. Whereas from the second year, fees ranges to Rs.4,500 plus tax applicable.

AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM CARD: Get 1,00,000 bonus membership reward points or stay vouchers worth Rs.45000 from Taj, selections, and Vivanta hotels are offered. The annual fee is Rs.60,000 plus tax and no changes.

AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM TRAVEL CREDIT CARD: You get a welcome gift of 5,000 milestones as bonus membership reward points that is redeemable, where you get a Travel voucher worth Rs.4000. the first year fee is Rs.3000 plus tax and from the second year, it exceeds Rs.5ooo plus tax applicable.

AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM RESERVE CREDIT CARD: Get a welcome gift worth 11,00 bonus membership reward points. In the first year, the fee is about Rs.5000 plus tax and in the next year, it hikes to Rs.10,000 plus tax is applicable.


  • 10x Membership Rewards on Flipkart and Uber were you get 10x rewards for every Rs.50 spent.
  • 5x Membership Rewards on Amazon, Swiggy, BookMyShow, PVR, Myntra, Jabong, Groferss, Big Bazaar, and many others were you get 5x reward for every Rs.50 spent.
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs.50 you spent, except on fuel, insurance, utilities, cash transactions and EMI conversion at the point of sale.
  • One can earn up to 1,250 membership rewards by spending only INR 7,500 on the Smart Earn Credit Card every month. 1) on spending INR 2500 in month on our 10x partner (Flipkart), you will earn 500 membership rewards. 2) similarly spending the same 2500 in our 10x partner (Uber) you earn 500 membership rewards. 3) on spending 2,500 on our 5x partner, you will earn 250 membership reward points.


Amex offers more convenient exclusive benefits with assistance at any time. Listed down are the special privileges offered to you by American Express.

  1. FREEDOM AND CONVENIENCE: one can enjoy absolute flexibility and convenience in paying credit card bills partially or fully. There are facilities to convert your spending to easy monthly installments with American Express EMI.

Provides 24×7 card related assistance.

Helps in dispute resolution

Offers zero lost card liability

Provide one Supplementary card at no additional cost.

  1. CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS: if you have contactless symbols on your card, your American Express card is capable of contactless payments.


The following are the eligibility criteria to get American Express SmartEarn Credit cards. So make sure, you are eligible enough to fulfill the criteria.

  1. the supplementary card applicant must be an Indian resident as defined under the Income Tax Act of India and assure to notify at American Express Banking corporation if there is a change of address or residential status.
  2. American Express Cards are now currently issued to residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodra under certain conditions. So it’s likely preferable to be a resident of any of those cities.
  3. One should be either self-employed with an annual income of INR 6 lakh and above or an employee has an annual income of INR 4.5 lakh and above.
  4. Should have an Indian or Multinational Bank savings or current account in India.
  5. Must have a current or a permanent residential address in India.
  6. You should be 18 years and more.
  7. Must have a good credit history and no payment defaults.
  8. If self-employed, your company must be trading for more than 12 months.


I hope this article on American Express benefited you. And here are a lot more contents the following base on different other beneficiaries cards for you. And to note, this article is purely an informative one and not for commercial terms and in no way we are been benefited from the company side.

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